Ideas Behind The Artworks

Horror-in-3D-RGB (Digital Art)

Horror-in-3D-RGB (Digital Art)

An image is just as terrible as the unconscious fears of its beholder!

In the depths of the human soul, you will find the eerily beautiful pictures. They must be lifted up to the surface and expressed as an artistic imagery with new vocabulary for all the world to see.

And yet can be a single image so divisive, because every recipient embeds his very personal feelings, fears, desires and experiences into the contemplation. Beauty and ugliness are relative to the perceptual process of the individual!

Often the sight of a disturbing image is the trigger for a journey into the depths of someone´s psyche. The simple question :” Why causes this image so strange feelings in me”, can be the ticket for a long-overdue journey into the unknown I.

However, most of the people are afraid of their own darkness, because they suppress rather than to recognize the inner beast or even fight against it. Because the beast appears so great and dangerous in the dark chambers of the subconscious mind, where it seems to lurk. Who knows, dragged into the light, it is perhaps only a small white frightened rabbit that previously cast a bombastic long shadow on the wall. Whenever you got a frightened and indignant look, by the only  tiny door, which opens a small gap to your deeply hidden chamber, you saw this frightening black monster. But if you dare to open the door and watch the monster closely, you may find out that only the bundled light beam which met the little rabbit, causes the large shadow on the wall and let the animal look much bigger, than it is in reality. Only because you have been afraid of having a closer look at it!

Going into the dark cellar only with a small candle. Do not start many frithening seens of horror films, exactly that way? Why is driving this action probably the cold showers over our backs? Because of the lead actor is doing exactly from what many of us are afraid of. They want to strickt avoid exactly this situation? The exploration of the unknown cellar of the subconsciousness!


Beast-Mistress (Digital Painting)
Beast-Mistress (Digital Painting)

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to my artworks can be found at El Drama De Aly, a great international artwebsite! I´m very proud that they have invited me to present my art there!

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